I develop
high performance
frontends, backends &
serverless functions

Hi, my name is Mick, and I have been developing websites since my childhood. Since 2001, at the age of 13, I have been following the development of the various web technologies. Starting with HTML/CSS, JavaScript and PHP, it has been a long journey with many technologies coming and going. A journey where I finally fell in love with SCSS, TypeScript, Angular, Nuxt, Node.js and recently Deno. It is both a hobby and a passion that I have never lost interest in and consistently learning from, day to day.

I am a freelancer developing complex websites, web apps, APIs, micro services and serverless functions with a focus on performance, scalability and maintainability.

Angular 8 years

Nuxt / Vue 1 year

TypeScript 9 years

JavaScript 21 years

HTML/CSS 23 years

SCSS 15 years

Bootstrap 12 years

Tailwind 1 year

Node.js 8 years

NestJS 5 years

Deno 1 year

Socket.IO 8 years

MongoDB 7 years

PostgreSQL 1 year

DynamoDB 4 years

I am a 36-year-old grown-up child from Cologne, Germany, currently living in Barcelona, Spain. Besides technology I love design, art, playing piano and doing sports - especially skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing.

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